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    Stampeded by 60010 Home Buyers! Open House Activity is a Feeding Frenzy This Spring!

    We have held 6 open houses over the past three weekends for brand new listings and they’ve been absolutely swarmed with homebuyers.  What’s going on?  Yesterday the temperature at open house start time was 12 degrees and plummeting…yet at our two open houses we had a constant stream of buyers.  These are not tire kickers, but serious, “I’m ready to make an offer” buyers. Motivated, “How do I find out about listings before they come on the market?” buyers.  Normally, we see this activity pickup in earnest in April, but this year, January was busy, but February and the first weekend in March have just been a feeding frenzy.

    Another major change in the market environment is that in recent years when asking open house lookers how they heard about the open house, the answer was consistently, “I saw your signs and stopped by.”  Over the past year, the responses have gradually changes and now 90% of the responses are “I saw it online and planned to come.”  Buyers are serious and do not want to leave any stone unturned in their home search.   We have literally dozens of buyers on our website searching on an almost daily basis.

    Heard in the Houses this Past Weekend:

    “We really want to do something this spring while rates are still low.”

    “I love the high quality pictures online, I don’t even bother with houses that have terrible pictures.”

    “It’s us again, looks like we are going to see you every weekend until we make an offer.”

    “This house is perfectly staged, I can really picture my family here.”

    “No, don’t tell me this home is already under contract…do you have any others?”

    “I really want 60010, but things are selling before I can act.”


    If you are thinking of listing this spring. DON’T wait!  Call us today. Your buyer may already be on our mailing list.

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